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A Note to Members


Mamba Sports Academy Basketball will improve the skill level of all athletes that step onto the court. Our goal is to help each athlete capture untapped potential and translate that to their in-game performance.

Mamba Basketball Membership is...

Sport Skills Training

Come to MSA to prepare for your next season or competition. Hone your skills and techniques with our experienced coaches.


  • Refinement of Sports Skills
  • Improvement Through Repetition
  • Introduction of New Techniques
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Sports Performance

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Improve your strength and agility with our team of high-level sports performance trainers.


  • Force and Power Production
  • Importance of Recovery
  • Diagnostic Assessment
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Speed Performance

For athletes looking to get faster with focused effort.


  • Agility
  • Linear Speed
  • Sand Speed
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How Mamba Membership Works




Optimize your return on training time. Your membership will be designed from over 20 different training methods, classes and formats. It will be prescribed and tailored specially for you by the Mamba team of experts. It will be optimized to your goals, your body, and the time commitment you can make. You will train towards meaningful milestones. And you will achieve them because we train athletes the Mamba way – full circle, no excuses, peak performance and results.



Once your personalized program is developed, you will dive deep into your training routine alongside our experts and fellow mamba athletes. Our schedule of classes and training environments are designed to give you access to over 20 training formats and methods. Well rounded, variable full circle training is critical for our athletes to stay healthy, feel better, move better and perform at the top of their game.



Keep track of your progress and performance in real time with our dedicated athlete performance coaches and live performance portal. We will track and record your data daily and at all baseline check-ins for you and provide options for mobile training when you are on vacation or away from the facility.



Experience a balanced and varied training program, ideal for your schedule. Guidance from the top functional experts and a commitment to program compliance will guarantee results. Never waste another minute on extra or useless workouts.



Rebuild your body and mind with massage therapy, physical therapy, cryotherapy, orthopedic surgery, integrated sports medicine, & our recovery suite services: e-stim, NormaTec compression massage, percussion massage and more.

Who You'll Train With

George Quintero Director of Basketball

George Quintero is considered one of the most influential people in youth basketball. With a simple but intense practical approach to the game, he coaches and counsels every one of his players to be exceptional “athletes.” George has coached elite-level youth and high-school club/AAU basketball across Southern California for 35+ years. His distinguished career has produced hundreds of NCAA Division I athletes and professional players across the globe.

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AJ Moye Master Coach of Basketball

Since 2011, A.J. has focused his passion for basketball on coaching. His knowledge of the game and attention to discipline are his calling card. “Effort, Focus, and Perseverance” are all focal points in his training program.

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Dee Pickard Basketball Trainer

Dee’s coaching experience includes JV basketball at Saint Bonaventure and 3 years of personal skills and fundamental training. He has been coaching clinics and camps along with personal training at Sports Academy since Spring 2018.

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Johnathan Davis Basketball Trainer

Bio coming soon.

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Hannah Ascencio Basketball Trainer

In her work at Mamba Sports Academy, Hannah facilitates and coaches in multiple services within the basketball department, including but not limited to: youth camps, clinics, individual lessons and group trainings.

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Gerald Boston Basketball Coach

Gerald is new to the Mamba coaching staff and is a North Carolina native. He has played basketball at the high school, collegiate, and professional level (overseas). He attended Barton College in Wilson, NC where he was the starting point guard for four years. Gerald experience tons of success during his tenure at Barton: Freshmen of Year, All Conference (4x), Conference Player of the Year, and much more. He was also named D2 All American and currently holds his schools all-time scoring record with 1984 total points.

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More Mamba Basketball Programs

Fundamentals Camp

Players will be introduced to the fundamentals of the game and work on ball handling, footwork, shooting, defense, and team competition. This is open to both boys and girls ages 5-15 years old.

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High School Elite Basketball Clinics

Up your game heading into your spring and summer AAU season at Mamba Sports Academy! Our expert skills trainers will send you into the season with a set of new tools in your kit during our High School Basketball Elite Training Camps.

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Lil’ Ballers Basketball Clinics

You’re never too young to start falling in love with the game! Lil’ Ballers Clinics are designed to introduce boys and girls, ages 5-8, to basketball. This is a fun way to learn the fundamentals of the game with 45 minutes of skills development and 15 minutes of organized scrimmage play.

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Mamba Memberships

Our memberships are designed to enhance players skills and strength to help them gain that extra edge.

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