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A Note to Members


A Little (Holiday) Bonus

December 20, 2019
By Team Mamba

Well, as they say, ’tis the season.

While supplies last — or for a limited time — MSA is offering the following promotions:

  • Winter Basketball Camps: The next five (5) people who sign up for one of our winter break hoop camps will receive a complimentary basketball from Spalding. For more about the age range and dates of the bball camps, which feature guest stars such as renowned trainers Dribble 2 Much and Irv Roland, click here or call (844) 518-7246.
  • Speed Training Program: The next ten (10) people who sign up for one of our Speed Training options will receive a complimentary pair of Vista performance headphones from Jaybird. For more about the age range and details of MSA’s Speed Training, which is led by experienced trainers and focuses on important muscle groups, specific movements, and other detailed training, click here or call (844) 518-7246.
  • Youth Membership: Register your child up for membership between now and the end of January and receive a complimentary copy of Kobe Bryant’s new book, Epoca, from Granity Studios. For more about the various youth membership offerings, click here or (844) 518-7246..

Want to learn more about MSA’s upcoming camps, clinics, and offering? Be sure to sign up for the newsletter (link to sign up) and let them know what your interests are. There’s no better way to stay up-to-date on the performance center that aims to help you and your littles unlock their full potential.